Hey you,

To think it’s been a week since I last posted, where does the time go?!

So, before I pick up where I last left off I just want to shout out to those of you who have had a rough/below average week: chin up because things can only get better! At times myself I can get into a bit of a rut and think ‘woe is me’ (let’s face it, we’re all guilty)… but instead of having that negative mindset, focus on what’s going great in your life! Have a planned holiday coming up? Get the countdown calendar going! Things stressful at school/uni/work? Plan yourself some fun upcoming weekends with friends! Remove yourself from anyone who tries to bring you down, doesn’t support you and your goals, or finds something to say to make you second guess yourself: they are not healthy to be around. VITO THEM, PRONTO! *waves goodbye*

NOW! Where was I?… Sooooo, after leaving my exciting life behind in England (I’ll touch base on that next time), I’ve found myself trying to start from the beginning. That’s the thing with holiday visa’s – the holiday has to eventually come to an end (who would’ve guessed?). Where I thought I could run away to London [as opposed to facing adult responsibilities here in Oz], I’ve wound up right where I last ended it. Classic Brit move. 


Back in high school we had a driving instructor come in one lesson, and give us the low-down on how to go about obtaining our driving licenses (and the importance of it) yadda yadda ya-yeeeeah well… only if I could slap 15 year old me right now. Getting around Brisbane without a license I imagine is on par (sorta) to trying to get around in L.A. – minus the cool Uber drivers. So basically really difficult!

You may be thinking ‘where’s this going’, and I wonder myself too (lol?)… Essentially, I am setting myself milestones I should have accomplished some years ago. And I am going to let you know how I get on achieving them! So first thing’s first… learning how to drive! If it’s anything like those driving games you see in arcades then everyone on the road’s in serious trouble! But c’est la vie – I will get there soon.


On a completely unrelated topic: I was thinking of sharing with you what I’m listening to/reading/or watching now per blog entry. I love discovering new media, and figure I will share it with those who are also interested.

Until next time…


So, by some extraordinary means you’ve found yourself here on my page. I’m delighted to have you pop by! I’ll admit, prior to yesterday I didn’t even expect to be sitting here writing – but here I am. Essentially count yourself exclusively invited into my world… it’s a lil kooky, and at timesalways hectic – but if that means I get to offload to you then I’ll be winning/and you will most likely be laughing.

I wouldn’t say I am any different to your average twenty-three year old. Still don’t know where/what I’m doing in life; though still have pretty high expectations… retire by 30, have at least three dogs, be well traveled, own multiple houses in each country I desire… y’know, that kind of thing. Only issue is I have a pretty limited number of years to make that happen, and am also the most indecisive (and at times) *ahem* slightly stubborn… I reckon it’s pretty important to aim high though, right? Like, as long as I have pretty bloody magnificent dreams it will give me the will to live; continue busting my ass working in a dull, crummy nine-to-five job. Life’s short enough as it is, and all that jazz… you know how it goes.

Best I give you a bit more of a run down about who I am and how I’ve wound up here. I’ll keep it short n sweet. Born in Brisbane, Australia (for those of you who know it you’ll know we are a lesser cool city compared to Melb and Syd)…(those of you who don’t know – it’s basically a lesser cool city compared to Melb and Syd). I went to/finished school *miracle*, attempted uni (got bored/dropped out) and moved to London at the end of 2014! Wasn’t lying when I said I’d keep it short.

You’re probably thinking one of two things (depending on where you’re from): ‘Why would you leave Oz to move to the most dreary/rainy country, with minimal sun and bad beaches?’ – aka everyone who ISN’T from Brisbane. Then the rest of you: ‘Why the hell would you return?’

Alright, alright… So it’s not alllllllllll that bad (if you’re retired and are into that suuuuper laid back lifestyle), BUT I’m not. Let’s just say my visa expired and I was moreorless told I had to leave the U.K. – because that’s literally how it went. Against all odds of me thinking I may have been that special exception, and could stay under some new/made up/just for Brittany law, I wasn’t.

Now that you’ve been given a brief outline of my life *surely it doesn’t get much more exciting than that*, buckle yaself in because I’m just about to get started, biatches.