Hi you,

I’m sorry I have been on the DL* recently. I have had a number of things eating away at me! Also, in light of the recent devastating events which took place in the U.K., I have in all honesty been quite far removed; as a place I consider to be my second home – it’s certainly rattled me. It really puts things into perspective when it comes down to it. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected. It’s warming seeing everyone unite, and come together from this. Love (and lots of it) is all we need in the world right now…

On a more upbeat note: today I naively walked around at work with a mass of visibly dry shampoo directly on top of my head (for those of who who have never used it: it’s a miracle / but also unsightly if you don’t apply it properly) this is why you must ALWAYS check the mirror before leaving the house… Luckily for me the office I work in is so large that I think I could have possibly slipped by unnoticed. Well, if I wasn’t working at Reception AKA the the first point of call for anyone who walks in. I was wondering why people were looking at my head funny?

I’ve recently moved slightly further out of the city (and I’ve never been the best with long-distance commuting), so I’m feeling like a grandma when I get in from work and want to dive into bed at 8pm. Hard life, hey?

I will be writing a proper entry within the next couple of days, so if there’s anything you wish to know please don’t feel afraid to ^’Holla@Me‘^!

Until either tomorrow or the following day… stay jazzy!

*DL = down low

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